Thursday, November 25, 2010


Everything! By Lynda Barry!

Straight from the D&Q blog comes some great news!!!

Everything! by Lynda Barry

Next fall will actually see the publication of the first volume of the complete Lynda Barry comics work (consisting primarily of her Ernie Pook's Comeek strip but not limited to just that, oh no!) Things to look forward to are her college strip, "Spinal Comics" (edited by none other than long time pal Matt Groening for the Evergreen State newspaper) and the precursor to Ernie Pook, "Two Sisters". Eventually there will be many other rare or rarely seen tidbits like Lynda's Esquire strips. We're not completely sure how many volumes there will be but we figure somewhere around ten.

Lynda! Barry! Everything! Finally!

The only downer is that next fall feels a long way away!

Can't! Wait! Keep Us Posted!

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