Sunday, August 29, 2010


The View From Here: Lynda Barry

In this 8 minute video, Lynda Barry sings Emily Dickinson, recites haiku, explains how poetry smells, and insists that memorizing poetry can keep you alive and well.

Watch it here!

Thanks for this, Daniel. That was a very good eight minutes.
Lynda, I have wanted to reach across the time and say hello to you ever since I was Production Manager of the Cooper Point Journal the year after you were there, and I found a cartoon in archives of a woman holding a cat with a paper cone over its nose facing another woman saying, "Explain to me again how dressing Norma like a chicken relates to Founder's Day."

I loved that so much. I wanted to publish it, but our editor said that would not be cool since you were then in Seattle selling your cartoons, and I guess she didn't know how to find you and ask permission.

So instead your poem has been blossoming in my mind since 1980.

I memorized it.

Thank you--

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